Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce – Compare Online Divorce PRO to Divorce Mills

The table below compares Online Divorce PRO service through a California licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant in your town to the service provided by unlicensed, unregulated online divorce mills out-of-state or in India. Consider the differences carefully in your California uncontested divorce below before making your hiring decision.

FEATURESUnlicensed Unregulated Online Divorce MillLocal California-Licensed Legal Document Assistant
Approximate Cost:Most Charge $300-$950; Others Claim $139-$169 is the Total Price But Have Many Hidden Fees, such as a $125 "Expedite" fee (or you have to wait 10-12 days to get your docs) or a $199 "Premium Package" Fee; Constant Up-Selling$400-$800; Each LDA Independently Owned and Operated; Compare Terms; With California-licensed LDA's, you will always know your cost.
Education:Unknown - None RequiredHigh School Diploma Plus 2 Years Supervision by a Licensed Lawyer or College Degree and 1 Year of Supervision by a Licensed Lawyer
Professional Qualifications:None RequiredAs Above or a Certificate of Completion from a Paralegal Program
Professional Association:NoneCalifornia Association of Legal Document Assistants
Code of Ethics:NoneCalifornia Association of Legal Document Assistants Code of Ethics
Licensing:NoneCounty Licensing and Bonding
Continuing Legal Education:NoneMandatory Continuing Legal Education
Location:Almost Always in Another State or IndiaYour Home Town
Accountability:None UNLESS they are located in your state; Maybe Through THEIR Local District Attorney or State Attorney General for Blatant Consumer Fraud, but Very Difficult For You to Pursue; Also, No DA's in India; If Things Go Wrong, You're On Your OwnHuge Accountability Through YOUR County Clerk's Office
Local Knowledge of Laws, Rules of Court and Local Court Policies:Unknown; High Risk; Hit or Miss; Low-Quality Training; High Turnover of Untrained Low-level StaffProfessional-Level Knowledge of Your State's Laws and Your County's Rules of Court and Local Court Policies
Wicked Cool Online Divorce Software:YesYes
Prepares ALL of Your Legal Docs:No - State Forms Only - No Local County Forms - Every Case Has Local County FormsYes
Legally Able To Provide Legal Advice:NoNo
Performs An Analysis of Your Legal and Economic Rights in Your Case:NoNo
Responsive Client Support - Returns Calls and Emails Promptly:Generally No; Low-Quality or No Customer Support; No Reason To Provide Quality Support; High Turnover of Low-Quality Untrained Staff; You're On Your OwnYes - Strongly Enforced Code of Ethics
Available to Meet:NeverYes - Subject to Appointment
Flat Fee:Always Claimed, but Often There is Rampant Up-Selling of Undisclosed "Expedited" Service Or Other Add-onsYes; ALL Fees Must Be Disclosed In Advance And Agreed By You in Writing
Scalable Services:No - If You Need Legal Advice or Additional Legal Services Such As Mediation or a QDRO, or If Your Case Blows Up, They Will Up-Sell You To a Local Lawyer Who Has Subscribed Your Zip Code and Pays for the Referral; In Other Words, the Divorce Mill Gets Paid TWICE if a Problem Arises in Your Case. Think About That!Fully Scalable - Many LDA's Work With and Refer to Local Lawyers; Many LDA's Also Provide Additional Family Law Services