Privacy Policy

The Online Divorce PRO privacy policy is short and simple:

  1. Legal Marketing Systems, Ltd. (hereinafter LMS) asks for and collects no personally identifiable data from you as a result of your normal and regular visit to or use of this website, or any related or derivative website, as an informational or reference source. Accordingly, no personally identifiable data can be, or is, shared by LMS under any circumstances with any third party at any time. LMS collects and/or maintains no such information and therefore cannot, and does not, share it with anyone.
  2. If LMS does come into possession of any personally identifiable data of yours, such as, most likely, your name and/or email address, as a consequence of your initiated communications with LMS, LMS promises that it will not share any such information, in any manner, with any third party, for any reason other than legal subpoena process, at any time. LMS is required to respond fully to any legal process or receipt of a subpoena, but that is the only reason your personally identifiable information would be released by LMS to any third party.