California Online Divorce Services Options

The table below shows your effective online divorce service options for California divorce.

1Do-It-Yourself$0Low Quality; No Professional Guidance; You Are Literally On Your Own; You Do Everything Yourself; There Are No Complete or Meaningful Instructions Available From the State of California; Even the Nolo Press DIY books admit (since the 1990’s) that they are no longer suitable to assist you in your own specific case; They are for general reference only. Time Consuming; Many Rejections of Your Documents by the Court; Frustrating; Very Difficult to Accomplish in 2022 and Beyond; California divorce is now too complex for DIY; NOT RECOMMENDED.
2Incompetent and/or Fraudulent Online Divorce Mill$139-$300+++But These Are Not Complete Fees; These Are Mostly Monthly Subscriptions; They Hit Your Credit Card Every Month Until You Cancel; Unlicensed; Unregulated; Low Quality Work; No Legal Advice Provided; No Accountability; Most Located Out-of-State or in India, Ukraine or Mexico; Lots of Fraud, Trickery and Up-Selling; Most Make Lots of Mistakes That Affect Your Legal and Economic Rights for Many Years; No Local Knowledge; This Includes getdivorcepapers,com,,, Referral Scam – as soon as you sign up and pay, they try to refer you to their subscribing lawyers so that they get paid again for the referral; Monthly Subscription Scam – try to imagine how slow they go if they are paid monthly; These Divorce Mills Are NOT invested in Your Success. Most of Them Simply Take Your Money and Provide as Little Value as Possible. You Then Chase Them for Months – You Never Get Your Divorce or Your Money Back. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST UNCONTESTED DIVORCE OPTION IN CALIFORNIA.
3Local Legal Document Assistant$400-$700High Quality; No Fraud; Full Accountability; California Licensed and Bonded Professional in Your Town; Local Knowledge; Cost Effective: Local; This Is the Way To Go If You’re Looking For Low-cost, High Quality, No Fraud and Face-Time. THIS IS THE BEST UNCONTESTED DIVORCE OPTION IN CALIFORNIA.
4High Quality Online Divorce Mill$750-$4500+++Most Are California Licensed Legal Document Assistants But Are Not Readily Available for Face-Time Like Options 3 and 5; High Quality Work; No Legal Advice Provided – though a few of them are fronted by hot-shot lawyers and they try to almost pretend they are law firms; Every Single Option is Up-sold in This Option – They Tell You That Up Front on Their Excellent Websites; This Option is Relatively New. It Tries to Make You Think That if You Pay a LOT, You’ll Avoid the Low Quality of Option 2, and You Will, but You’ll Vastly Overpay; Referral Scam – they refer you constantly to lawyers, accountants, mediators, etc.. Includes, wevorce/,,; If You Hire in This Option, You Might Just As Well Go With Option 5 – it will be the same result and almost the same fee by the time you’re done with all the up-selling in Option 4. This is a Lot of Feel-Good, Foo-Foo Nonsense. Smoke and Mirrors.
5Local Divorce Lawyer -Traditional Full Representation$2500-$7500+++
(But there really is no upper limit in this option)
High Quality; No Fraud; Full Accountability; Dishonest for an Uncontested Divorce; California-Licensed Professional; Local Knowledge; Convenient; At Least 3X Overpriced for an Uncontested Divorce; Definitely Needed For Contested, Complex, High Dollar Value and Domestic Violence Cases; But They Will Not Disclose Even the Availability of the Uncontested Divorce Process; Instead, They Will Scare the Crap Out of You on What Might Happen in Your Case; They Will NOT Offer a Flat Fee Uncontested Package That Provides Only the Services You need and Make You Aware of the Dangers That Likely Will Never Happen, But Can Be Addressed Through an Up-Sold Package IF THE INDIVIDUAL DANGER ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Beware! These Dishonest Traditional Lawyers are VERY GOOD at Scaring the Crap Out of You For Their Own Economic Interests – NOT Yours.

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