LDA Terms of Use

1. Apart from these Terms of Use, which govern the parties’ relationship, there is no formal written contract between the parties. The parties’ contract begins when the parties agree in writing via email exchange to begin providing and receiving services, as defined below, and continues until it is terminated.
2. There is no commitment. Each party may terminate the contract forthwith without cause at any time upon written notice to the other party. Emailed notice from and to the parties’ previously used email addresses shall be sufficient for any such notice.
3. Our contract will be for the provision by Legal Marketing Systems (LMS) to California licensed Legal Document Assistants (individually, LDA) of lead generation and/or white label California online divorce document preparation services.
4. The LDA may sign up for and use either the lead generation service and/or the online divorce document preparation service.
5. Lead generation consists of consumer form fills and consumer phone calls generated by LMS’ digital marketing and sent to LDA.
6. If the LDA signs up for lead generation service, form fills sent to the LDA’s designated email address are sold at $20 each and 30+ second phone calls (that have not previously been made to LDA from the same originating phone number during the prior 12 months) delivered to the LDA via his or her designated phone number are $20 each.
7. LMS will invoice LDA via PayPal on the first day of each calendar month for all leads received by LDA during the prior calendar month.
8. Both parties understand that leads are sold “as is” and without warranty. LMS sells and LDA buys leads, not cases.
9. LDA must initiate any lead dispute with LMS within 48 hours of receiving said lead.
10. White label California online divorce document preparation is provided at $40 per case, invoiced via PayPal on the first day of each calendar month for all accounts created by the LDA during the prior calendar month. Each invoice shall specify the user id of each account being invoiced.
12. All online divorce PRO client accounts shall remain existent and accessible by LDA for a period of 5 years from their creation, regardless of any termination of the parties’ contract.

TO SIGN UP TO RECEIVE LEADS AND/OR WHITE LABEL ONLINE DIVORCE DOCUMENT PREPARATION: Send an email to [email protected] indicating your offer to sign up and listing your name, your business name, your business email, your business phone number, your business address, and your website address.

These terms may be altered by LMS at any time without notice to LDA.  LMS shall advise LDA of any increase in its fees specified above by 30-day advance written notification to LDA’s designated email address.