Cheap Online Divorce in California

All Online Divorce PRO Legal Document Assistants are independently owned and operated. They set their own prices. They determine the extent of the various service packages they offer from time to time.

However, it is clear from their websites that generally Online Divorce PRO LDA’s charge fees between $400 and $800 for uncontested divorce. What you pay will depend on what is involved in your specific divorce, e.g. minor children, property, debt, etc. All LDA prices are flat fees that are fixed and known by you in advance.

No California Divorce Lawyers

Online Divorce PRO LDA fees will be an absolute minimum of $2000 less than what a cheap divorce lawyer would charge you for the same uncontested California divorce.  On average, Online Divorce PRO LDA fees will be $4000-$4500 less than those charged by a traditional lawyer. This is cheap divorce in California.

Many traditional California divorce lawyers will not advise you that your simple  uncontested divorce does not require or justify a $2500-$7500+ retainer fee PLUS $300 hourly billables. Instead, they will scare the crap out of you as to what MAY happen in your case.

Once you have paid the inflated retainer, those dishonest divorce lawyers will also do everything possible to churn your case to higher levels of cost. If questioned, they will simply say that they acted in your best interests, and who will be able to disprove what they claim.

No Out-of-State Divorce Mills

Also, you will not have the divorce mill price fraud and up-selling to deal with.

Read the article by a Forbes journalist who hired, one of the worst divorce mills. She was quoted a cheap divorce in California“complete” fee of $139. Like most divorce mills,’s $139 fee is only for one month. After that first 30 days, they will hit your credit card every month until you cancel.

With the monthly fees and numerous up-sells for premium packages and shorter delays on the delivery of your divorce papers, the Forbes journalist ended up paying $450.

Also, she did NOT get her divorce. Like most divorce mills, is clueless about California law and procedure and the rules of your local county Superior Court. And you can’t sue them or open a complaint at your local District Attorney’s Consumer Fraud Division. is located in India. And they don’t care what you do to complain.  They’ve already got an F rating and hundreds of complaints at the Better Business Bureau.

If you pay $450 and don’t get your divorce, that’s NOT a cheap divorce.  And you still have to hire someone else to get your California uncontested divorce.

The Best of Both Worlds in Your California Uncontested Divorce

If you hire a California licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant through Online Divorce PRO, you will know your flat no-nonsense fee upfront. You will be able to tell your friends that you got a low-cost or affordable divorce, but let’s face it. Between us – this is cheap divorce, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a cheap online divorce4