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If you’re looking for an online divorce in Los Angeles California, you may be wondering why there is not a more convenient way to get a cheap uncontested divorce through a local California-licensed Legal Document Assistant in Los Angeles County.

Complete Online Divorce Pro InterviewYou find your local Los Angeles licensed plumber, landscaper, roofer, photographer, taxi, hair salon, etc. by searching online.  Why can’t you search online or use an app to find the best online divorce Legal Document Assistant in Los Angeles? In other words, why isn’t there an Uber for online divorce in Los Angeles?

The two primary reasons there has not been an Uber for online divorce in Los Angeles, UNTIL NOW, are that (1) MOST local Legal Document Assistants have not wised up to the modern conveniences and cost-savings of online divorce software or the opportunities to use online divorce in a lower cost document review service. and because (2) the rampant price fraud and up-selling in the unregulated online divorce mill industry works very well. Online divorce price fraud pays very well and the online divorce mills are very good at suckering you in.

In fact, Los Angeles divorce lawyers are generally even more clueless about online divorce and cost-effective unbundled document review services.

So divorce lawyers and Legal Document Assistants drive divorce consumers away with high fees from the 90’s and out-of-state online divorce mills sucker you into hiring them with various price frauds (see below for examples).  It’s a one-two punch that has harmed many Los Angeles County uncontested divorce consumers like you.

And UNTIL NOW, there has been no alternative to get divorce papers prepared online.  Read on.

Most Los Angeles Legal Document Assistants Have Not Wised Up To Online Divorce And Other Cost-Cutting Techniques in Uncontested Divorce

You may already know about the Legal Document Assistant portion of the reason why there is not a California uncontested divorce Uber.

If you have called around a few Legal Document Assistants in Los Angeles County, you probably told them that you and your spouse are in agreement in your simple uncontested divorce. YouLos Angeles Divorce Legal Document Assistant just need the divorce papers prepared, reviewed and filed as painlessly as possible. If you did that, you discovered that most Los Angeles County Legal Document Assistants don’t appear to understand this whole Internet thing.

You probably heard fee quotes around $1000-$1500.  Those are almost lawyer fees. You were told that those fees could go higher. Those are outdated fees and the Legal Document Assistants quoting them are outdated. They are using price anchoring techniques that are worthy of used-car salesmen.  There is no need to be polite to such Legal Document Assistants. Just hang up. Don’t educate them.

The reason most Los Angeles County Legal Document Assistants are outdated when quoting a $1500 fee for what should be 2 hours work in an uncontested online divorce is that while they know about the cost-effectiveness of online divorce, the power and convenience of wicked-cool online divorce software and the relatively new legal services technique of offering unbundled document review services, they hope you don’t know about those helpful divorce trends. The new gig economy is not going to be as profitable for Legal Document Assistants.  So they are resisting it as long as they can. Meanwhile, those Legal Document Assistants are jumping into the gig economy are doing well.

Cheap Divorce Legal Document Assistant Los Angeles

Beware Also of Unlicensed Online Divorce Mills Out-of-State or in India

Los Angeles County Legal Document Assistants drive you away with higher prices and their refusal to handle online divorce and online divorce mills trick you in with price fraud. And that means you never get to see the more convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional lawyers, traditional Legal Document Assistants and online con-men. There is now a different way to get your California divorce papers online. And this is cheap divorce in California by a local California licensed professional.

Cheap Divorce Legal Document Assistant Los AngelesAll divorce is local. Why would anyone hire an unlicensed, unregulated, incompetent, often fraudulent, online divorce mill located out-of-state or in India or Dubai? Online divorce mills will not know much about California divorce law and they will not know anything about your local Superior Court’s Rules of Court. Keep your California divorce local.

The following table shows the current Better Business Bureau position of the three most active online divorce mills in the California uncontested divorce market.

Number of BBB ComplaintsBBB RatingLink to BBB Page for This Website
getdivorcepapers.com105FBBB page
onlinedivorce.com231FBBB page
mydivorcepapers.com78FBBB page

So how are these online divorce companies able to stay in the business of online divorce papers and do incredibly well by harming California divorce consumers with their fraud and incompetence?  Because California law enforcement doesn’t care about California divorce consumers being harmed by remote online divorce companies they can’t touch. So you are basically on your own and unprotected.

The following video shows just one price fraud that has become popular in online divorce since 2019.

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I’ve written extensively about online divorce fraud over the years, but don’t take my word only.  Here is what happened when a professional journalist hired an online divorce mill.

The  bottom line for online divorce mills is that they are incompetent and fraudulent because they don’t have to be anything better than that.

They’re not licensed. No one checks on them. They can move to a new fake location every 6 months. And they are not reducing the number of frauds they run on you.  They are actually adding frauds all the time – the newest being undisclosed monthly fees and fake online divorce review sites that they own and on which they recommend themselves.  Fraud in online divorce pays remarkably well. Be careful!

Why Listen To Me?

I’ve been a lawyer (barrister) in my native UK for over 40 years. I passed the Bar Exam at age 20 and was called to the Bar at age 21, the youngest possible age.

I launched California Legal Assistance Centers on June 1, 1981. I wrote the world’s first divorce software (for California divorce) in 1983-4.  I pioneered cheap divorce by mail in California in the 80’s and 90’s.

I was a founding member of the California Association of Independent Paralegals.

In joint venture, I put up the world’s first online divorce website (contrary to the bogus claim by at in March 1999.

I launched NetDivorce, the premier online divorce provider in California, in 1999.

I was the founding director of the Online Divorce Association of America in September, 2016.

I launched Online Divorce PRO, the REAL Uber for California divorce, in August 2019.

Now, I’m not telling you all that because I want you to think I’m a swell guy.  Though I am.  I’m telling you all that because I want you to know and understand that I have been on the front line of California divorce since June 1, 1981. I know California divorce inside out.  I know what I’m talking about.

And I’m glad to report that things are changing and improving in a couple of related ways for Los Angeles County divorce consumers.

Recent Developments in Uncontested Divorce and Online Divorce

Wicked-cool online divorce software like mine crunches the huge data, paperwork and logic loads in preparing California divorce papers. And the secure online divorce help system with built in help empowers the Los Angeles County divorce consumer. You will be the person entering all data in your case.  That data is likely to be more accurate, and as you will enter it across any number of sessions from the comfort of your home or office, you are less likely to forget things or make mistakes.  You avoid the dreaded 50-page questionnaire you’re handed and asked to complete on the fly in some lawyer’s or Legal Document Assistant’s waiting room.

At my online divorce company, NetDivorce, each caseworker spends approximately 1 hour on each case – not all at the same time, of course.  In Summary Dissolution, it’s more like 20 minutes and in more complex cases, it’s 2 to 3 hours.  But the average is less than an hour. We’ve tested and measured this over a very long period of time. That’s how we can charge a flat fee of $129 with no ups or extras ever and still make excellent money and stay in business to complete our online divorce papers.

You might wonder how we can possibly provide a quality online divorce service when we spend less than an hour on the average case. Because our software and other systems are bullet-proof.  Our software is the much-upgraded proprietary software I wrote in 1983-4.  It is superb. It crunches all issues in a California divorce. It makes no mistakes. Our various other systems – written instructions, email comms, live chat, auto case updates, online help and huge knowledge base are also excellent and all developed over very long periods of time.

So none of the hour we spend on an average uncontested divorce at NetDivorce is wasted.  None of it is spent on doing repetitive or administrative things.  Every minute of that hour is spent in client support – analyzing the facts of your case, checking for any issues that might develop and answering your questions about filing for divorce in California. Our online divorce systems are very good.

Uber for Divorce – Cheap Divorce Legal Document Assistant Los Angeles

That is the business model we offer California Legal Document Assistants near you when they sign up for our Online Divorce PRO service.  It’s a highly efficient model for cheap uncontested divorce. The wicked-cool Online Divorce PRO software is the same software we use at NetDivorce. It enables savvy California Legal Document Preparers near you to charge fees in the vicinity of $400-$800 for an uncontested divorce.  The Online Divorce PRO system is what enables California licensed Legal Document Assistant services near you to offer you, the Los Angeles County divorce consumer, a much better way to file for divorce in California. Online Divorce PRO offers you the best of both worlds – how to file divorce online and have a local licensed divorce professional you can meet.  This is a much more valuable and less risky way to file divorce than that offered by the clueless, out-of-state, unlicensed, unregulated online divorce mills for $300-$950.

If the $3000 Los Angeles divorce lawyer you called is spending more than 1-2 hours on an average uncontested divorce, s/he is not doing it right.  If the $1500Los Angeles  Legal Document Assistant you called is spending more than 1-2 hours on an average uncontested divorce, s/he is not doing it right. S/he’s not using wicked-cool divorce software to crunch the paperwork and the repetitive actions. S/he’s not having the client (you) enter all of the case data through a secure online interview, thereby empowering you in your own case and reducing their costs and your fees.  S/he is not offering unbundled services to keep you in control and to limit your costs.  And s/he is not using a home office, a client communication portal, Skype meetings and other virtual legal services techniques that reduce your divorce costs further.

If all of these tools were being used, s/he would be spending the same one hour per uncontested divorce case. None of that time would be wasted.

Online Divorce PRO – the Best of Both Worlds | Online Divorce by a California Licensed Legal Document Assistant Near You

Why would you ever risk your legal and economic future by hiring an unlicensed remote online divorce mill for $300-950? They’re going to screw up your case and you will either pay for their mistakes forever or have to hire a $3000 Los Angeles divorce lawyer to clean up their mess. That’s not a cheap divorce. That’s a dumb divorce. Don’t do it!

Cheap Divorce Legal Document Assistant Los AngelesAnd why would you pay a me-too Los Angeles lawyer $3000 for what should be an hour’s work? Why would you hire that Los Angeles divorce lawyer to safeguard your own legal and economic interests when s/he doesn’t even promote his or her own economic interests by competing for business using developing trends within his or her own profession?

A headache could be brain cancer, but it’s probably not. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin. You don’t call a neurosurgeon. Hire a $3000+ Los Angeles County divorce lawyer ONLY if you have a contested or complex case.

In an uncontested divorce, why not have the best of both worlds?  Why not hire the best Legal Document Assistant in Los Angeles – who offers online divorce AND unbundled services in the range of $400-$800. S/he will use the wicked-cool Online Divorce PRO software to crunch your data and divorce papers and you will be using the Legal Document Assistant services only where you need them.

And if your case blows up, you have the insurance policy of already having a local Legal Document Assistant near you in Los Angeles on your team. S/he already knows your case and will be able to refer you to the best Los Angeles divorce lawyer to complete your case. Again, you will only pay for services you need.  It is a far better model than the traditional divorce lawyer/Legal Document Assistant and far far better than the dangerous online divorce mills.

If the best of both worlds makes sense to you in filing a divorce in California, get started by going to Online Divorce PRO and completing our form, OR call us on 1-844-REAL CHEAP to get a fast no-obligation quote on how to file your divorce from the best California divorce document preparer in Los Angeles.

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