If you have an uncontested California divorce, then online divorce is definitely the best way to get your divorce papers prepared. But you want to use the best online divorce service in California.  Online divorce is convenient, empowering to you in your own divorce and cost-effective.

Online divorce itself has not been the problem in California divorce preparation services. The problem has been the unlicensed unaccountable out-of-state con-men who run the almost totally fraudulent and incompetent online divorce mills that are extremely active in the California market.

Those divorce mills:

  • Claim to charge fees of $139, $149, $159, $169 or $299 as COMPLETE fees, but they are for the first 30 days only.  They will hit your credit card every month until you cancel.
  • Charge you processing fees every time they charge you. That’s right.  They charge you for charging you. That’s because many of them are in the Ukraine, India, the Czech Republic or Mexico. Their credit card processing fees are sky high. So you pay them!
  • Up-sell EVERYTHING. As an example, some charge you a MANDATORY $30 shipping fee even though they claim “immediate downloads.” When you get to the time for getting your divorce papers mailed to you, they offer you a $125 “expedite” fee to avoid the shipping.  So they charge you extra for shipping and then charge you extra for not shipping.
  • Know very little about California divorce law and procedure, but know NOTHING about your local court’s forms, procedures and rules. All divorce is local.
  • Because they charge monthly fees, they will leave one critical legal document out of each batch of docs you must file at court. So the court will then sit on your docs for 2-16 weeks (depending on the court) and reject your batch because of the missing document. That causes the online divorce conmen to get for 1 to 4 more months. They have no interest in completing your case as quickly as possible. They want you to get screwed up. It means more monthly payments for them! 
  • Basically, take your money, provide you with divorce papers that are often rejected at court for being incorrect or incomplete and then just wear you down in terms of not issuing a refund. You can’t touch them, and they don’t care about your Yelp or Better Business Bureau complaints.  They’ve got hundreds of them already.

These are just a few of the scams the out-of-state divorce mills run.

You can avoid all of that nonsense in your own uncontested divorce in California and utilize the best online divorce service option, simply by hiring a California licensed and bonded Online Divorce PRO Legal Document Assistant in your town. This will be a local professional who knows your local court and its policies and rules. And you still get to use online divorce.

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