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Online Divorce by a California Licensed and Bonded Legal Document Assistant in Your Town

Divorce is Hard Enough Already!

If you’ve made the difficult personal decision to end your marriage or domestic partnership in California, online divorce is a wise choice.  If you are fortunate enough to have an uncontested divorce, then online divorce should be your goal.  Online divorce is convenient, empowering to you and cost-effective.

No Lawyers and No Divorce Mills

For many years, the problem has been that online divorce is an unregulated industry. There are many frauds and incompetent service providers. Some are located in India. Almost all are outside California. Don’t risk your legal and financial future by hiring an unlicensed out-of-state online divorce mill to handle your local divorce.

Also, don’t pay a California lawyer $2500-$3500 to handle a simple uncontested divorce. That’s way too much for the work involved. And lawyers don’t even offer online divorce.

The Best of Both Worlds in California Online Divorce

Local California licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistants (LDA’s) are now fighting back. California LDA’s are now offering online divorce from Online Divorce PRO.

With Online Divorce PRO, you get the convenience and low cost of online divorce PLUS the quality and peace of mind of a California licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant right there in your town.

Your Divorce – the Way It Should be

Divorce really is hard enough already. You do not need the ADDED stress provided by over-charging lawyers and out-of-state online divorce con-men. Online Divorce PRO provides you a local California licensed professional NEAR YOU.  You can make an appointment to see them if you need to.

If you are looking for a cheap online divorce by a LOCAL California-licensed and bonded Online Divorce PRO, welcome to the end of your search.

See Online Divorce PRO in action.


Uncontested Online Divorce by a California Licensed Legal Document Assistant NEAR YOU

Safe Divorce

Why risk your legal and economic future by hiring an unqualified, unlicensed, out-of-state online divorce mill when California licensed Legal Document Assistants are offering all of the benefits of online divorce at a competitive price LOCALLY?

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Cheap Divorce

If you pay $300 to an out-of-state divorce mill and then you never stop paying for their mistakes, that’s NOT a cheap divorce. Get the Best of Both Worlds – divorce online by a LOCAL licensed Legal Document Assistant.

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Uber for Divorce

Make your LOCAL California licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant fit your uncontested divorce.

Don’t make your uncontested divorce fit an unlicensed up-selling online divorce mill from another state or India.

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Since the beginning of the Internet, California divorce consumers have had only two choices for their uncontested divorces. They could get screwed by a California lawyer at $2500-$3500 for 3 or 4 hours of easy work. Or they could get screwed by an out-of-state unlicensed online divorce con-man.

Arguably the online divorce con-man was a better deal. They quote $139, $149 or $159 as their complete fees.  As a Forbes journalist recently discovered, by the time you get done paying all of their monthly subscription fees, processing fees, “premium” fees and other up-selling costs, you are up around $450.  That’s still a long way from $2500.

However, the unlicensed online divorce con-man will also screw up your divorce case itself.  You and your family will end up paying for their mistakes for years. Those costs are impossible to measure. That’s NOT  a cheap divorce.

Now, finally California divorce consumers with a no-contest divorce have a third option where they don’t get screwed: online divorce by a local California licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant.

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